Amber's Origins

My grandmother kindled the flame that flourished into a love affair with photography that has lasted for over 30 years. All she did was give her granddaughter a 110 film Barbie themed camera. To anybody else, this gesture would be nothing more than a sweet, thoughtful gift from a loving grandmother. However, it was the caveat that came with the gift that, unknowingly at the time, would capture my heart and determine my future. My grandmother gave me the camera with the request that I, “show her how I saw the world.” She didn’t only give me the ability to capture a moment in time, she also gave me the freedom of exploration and creativity. She gave me a voice.  

Since then... 

My passion for photography has grown exponentially since that day over 30 years ago. Now my job, from my perspective, is more than just capturing the image of a woman in her underwear. For me, it’s the process of creating a connection with my subjects. It’s learning who they are as individuals, discovering everything that makes them unique and beautiful, and then portraying that through photography. My hope with each of my subjects, is to provide them with a tangible depiction of how their loved ones see them — gorgeous, flawless, mesmerizing, and powerful! 

Passions beyond photography:
  • Coffee Addiction 

  • The Marvel Universe 

  • Binging Netflix 

  • The Outdoors 

  • Hiking 

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