The Experience

The ultimate goal of AmberLee Contemporary Photography is to EMPOWER you to your core self. We view every person that walks through our doors as a  work of art just waiting for a canvas.

We currently offer 3 styles of portraiture to all clients:

Contemporary, Boudoir, and Erotica

Each of these styles are available in LifeCoaching Packages as well. 

For more information on LifeCoaching Packages, please visit Life Coaching in Lingerie.

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Visit Erotica - Must be at least 18 years old and requires age verification to view gallery. 

From initial inquiry by you, we are hands on and attention to detail is a must. 

Everyone has their own personal insecurities, some sort of perceived imperfections... we want to show you through our lens that you are "Perfectly Imperfect".

If "What to Wear" is giving you stress, let it go... we can grab coffee and splurge on some retail therapy. AmberLee will help you pick the right colors and tones, as well as the most flattering designs to fit your style, personality, and figure.  But ıf shopping isn't your thing, not to worry; we have an extensive Client Closet available for your perusal, including high heels and jewelry to complement or finish any look.

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