Mandi Briggs


Mandi Briggs is a life coach, yogi and avid storyteller whose work inspires women across the globe to live a bold, brave and authentic life. She lives a life of adventure, takes risks based on her intuition, and turns negative self-talk into love + gratitude on the regular. 


After 13+ years in corporate America, she set off on a brave adventure to transform her own life. The adventure found her divorcing her husband, quitting her cushy job, and selling every possession she owned to travel solo around the world. 


Her latest piece - love + gratitude journal - was inspired by her own transformational journey. Through one-on-one coaching, published works, workshops, retreats, and yoga classes, she helps women gain clarity and confidence to take inspired action toward the life they desire. Helping people discover more joy and peace while realizing all that is possible lights her up!


Mandi lives and works in Edmond, OK.

Find more about Mandi at Simply Mandi

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