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Red Rock Canyon, Ok

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

predictably... unpredictable...

the text came at 10am, "meet me at XXX! Wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera." and with zero hesitation I said yes. Tossed my to-do list in the fire place, grabbed my camera and out the door I went. It was the first time in many many years I let my gypsy soul take over. I had no idea where the destination would be, only that my heart needed an adventure... and so I went with it! We arrived at Red Rock Canyon, early in the afternoon... and hiked the California Trail.

I wanted him to see how independent I was, that I could do whatever I set my mind to... and so I refused to ask for help in those first steep inclining steps. My body revolting, and my mind telling me I was nuts - I had not been hiking in any fashion in almost a year, not since Colorado! and so... I pushed myself to keep going, struggling, but thats when it happened...

his hand stretched to reach my arm... gently holding on, just to guide me, just a bit of stability. Just enough to calm my irrational thoughts of failing once again.

As I looked at him, I realized he was doing what he had always done - all of these years - he was just quietly there in the background of my noisy brain, just incase I needed him.

In that moment... things became clear

the finite details of nature...

that even though things die.....

there is always a breath of new life to come at any moment... as long as you let it...

That is the day that I realized... he was my shelter, even when I am the storm....

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