Year of Lights!

 Artistry of Light...

Choosing to do a Boudoir Empowerment Session can be a scary process. There are so many components involved with taking that first step to booking. Most of the time, the biggest objection we hear is related to money. As women we tend to believe that we are not worthy of splurging on items for ourselves. We don't have a monetary value for our own self empowerment. 

When I decided to change the "focus" of AmberLee Boudoir, and became Artistry of Light... I had to listen to all those many voices, and find a solution that would help as many women as possible to feel EMPOWERED! Boudoir is for EVERYONE, and when you Change your thinking... You will, Change your life!

Are you ready to invest in yourself ALL year long?

You might be asking yourself, how is this different then the Boudie Bank? Well simply put... The Boudie Bank is for people needing in house financing for 1 session. Our Year of Lights program is for multiple sessions through out the year, members of this exclusive club will receive multiple sessions throughout the year, ZERO booking fees, FREE images from each session, REDUCED pricing on additional purchases, Early access to ALL sales and specials through out the year, PLUS exclusive deals, sessions, sets, and events only available to members! 


1 session every 3 months (4 total)
12 Digital images per session via download
25% products/packages


1 session every 6 months (2 total)
4 Digital images per session via download
10% products/packages


1 session every 4 months (3 total)
8 Digital images per session via download
15% products/packages