Virtual Boudoir Prep


Who Says Quarantine has to be boring...?

Virtual Boudoir is all about expressing  yourself,  collaborating, and being  FREE!  

You and I will create images that are both fun and beautiful and a pleasant reminder of this weird time in our lives. 

This experience WILL empower you! You will leave with a new found confidence, that you too can do hard things!

Below are some things to help you prepare for this quickie session...



As with any type of session you will want to take into account the space in which we will be doing your session. For example, if we are shooting in your bedroom... anything from comfy jammies to nude will be perfect! If we are shooting outside, you might want to do something with brighter colors, or nude. However, what you wear is the least important thing in terms of any empowerment session, as long as you are comfortable and it makes you feel super sassy!


Hair & Make-up

Light hair and make-up is that is needed, remember these aren't going to be printed at a large size and hung in a museum gallery. I do suggest avoiding a heavy highlight, the devices we are using tend to pick that up REALLY well, but again, whatever you are comfortable with - DO THAT!



The newest objection to empowerment photography is "My house isn't nice enough"... I have it listed right up there with "I'm too fat" or "I not photogenic", because all of it is FALSE! 

Anyone who has ever seen my house, err Studio can confirm, I make magic happen!! Empowerment photography is about the emotion and the slaying of the proverbial dragon that says "I am not worthy" - Honey, you deserve to feel fabulous!



It is super important that you go into this type of session with little to no expectations on the outcome of the images. The quality hinges on wifi/cell strength, the available device camera, and the lighting conditions. I am a lover of light, I love to play with it and bend it - These sessions push me to my creative boundaries and then push a little more. These images will not be like my traditional "Fine Art" styling with a super high quality that can be printed and showcased - rather, they are a souvenir of that one time you listened to to your inner voice and did something JUST FOR YOU!


Equipment to Have...

So, I do these a couple of different ways. I have done them via FaceTime, Facebook Live, and Zoom. I prefer to use Zoom - as it allows me to record the session and go back through the video to see if there is a bomb image I might have missed. 

What you will need is either a laptop with a camera, Cell Phone or Tablet/Ipad  turned horizontally, and a well lit room (area). You will also need to download zoom, and have it ready to go approximately 10 minutes prior to your session time. I will send you a private link to our "Zoom Room" that is password protected about 20-30 minutes before we are going to start. 

The rest... well thats up to me!